SHOULDICE SURGERY – over 70 years of excellence. Shouldice.

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SHOULDICE SURGERY – over 70 years of excellence

Shouldice celebrated 70 years of surgical leadership in 2015.

Founded in 1945 by Dr. Edward  Earle Shouldice, the facility is currently located in Thornhill, Ontario.

The first Shouldice Hospital was at 626 Church Street in Toronto.  The staff consisted of Dr. Shouldice, two nurses, and a cook.  Over the years, the hospital has grown and moved to ever-larger surroundings in the Toronto area.

Today the world – renowned hospital boasts over 160 surgical and support statff, and is located on 23 acres of luxurious grounds in Thornhill, at 7750 Bayview Avenue.

The hospital continues to be family owned and operated.
Going into its 8th decade, Shouldice Hospital continues its traditions of exceptional medical professionals, wonderful facilities, and unsurpassed results.

There is no better place in the world to have hernia surgery done than Shouldice Hospital.

SHOULDICE SURGERY – over 70 years of excellence