Scheduling your Surgery. Shouldice.

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Scheduling your Surgery

Walk-in Clinic Patients

If you were assessed at our walk-in clinic and hernia surgery is recommended by a Shouldice Surgeon our booking staff will ensure that we arrange a date for your surgery that best suits your personal schedule.

Medical Questionniare Patients

If you submitted a Medical Questionnaire for assessment it will be reviewed by a surgeon with 2-3 business days and you will be notified by email the results of the assessment.

If surgery is advised you  will be given a tentative date that best coincides with  the preferred admission date you submitted on your Medical Questionnaire. Every attempt will be made to arrange a date for your operation that best suits your personal schedule.

If Surgery is not recommended, our clinical diagnosis will explain why.

When arranging for your date of surgery, please consider that we perform operations Monday to Friday, and all patients are admitted the day before surgery. There are no admissions on Friday or Saturday. Sunday admissions, for surgery on Monday, are reserved for those patients who have previously been examined at Shouldice Hospital.

In some cases, we cannot schedule your operation until certain requirements are met:

Scheduling your Surgery