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Becoming a Patient

Shouldice Hospital specializes exclusively in the repair of external abdominal wall hernias. Thousands of hernia patients a year experience a successful lifetime cure for their hernia at Shouldice Hospital. The Shouldice natural tissue technique is performed by hernia specialists with the highest level of experience in the world.

As a Shouldice patient, you can be confident that you will get the best of care in a progressive, patient-centred facility renowned around the world for excellence in hernia repair.

Prior to scheduling surgery all patients must have a medical assessment to determine the nature and extent of their hernia and the state of their overall health.

To arrange for your personal medical assessment by one of our experienced surgeons please choose one of the following 4 options:

Option 1 – Ontario Residents living within 100 km of Shouldice Hospital.

Option 2 – Ontario Residents living outside of 100 km of Shouldice Hospital.

Option 3 – Non-Ontario Canadian Residents.

Option 4 – Non-Canadian Residents.

Becoming a Patient