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Ohio Hernia Specialist

Founded in 1945, Shouldice Hospital is the global leader in Ohio hernia repair. Our 99.5% lifetime success rate for primary inguinal hernias sets the gold standard for medical professionals around the world.

Shouldice is a world renowned hernia hospital that provides a tension-free, natural tissue technique. As a leading Ohio Hernia Hospital we help patients throughout the USA & Canada from our primary medical facility in suburban Toronto.

If You Have a Hernia, Contact Us at 1.855.328.3423

Going into its 8th decade, Shouldice Hospital Ohio continues its traditions of delivering the world’s best surgical outcomes and patient experience in hernia repair.

Ohio Hernia Specialist

Over 70 years of excellence

If you think you have a hernia, we recommend that you contact us immediately. Call our toll free number 1.855.328.3423. Our Ohio hernia surgeons have years of specialized training and experience and are available to provide an expert diagnosis. Call us today or submit this registration form for our Ohio hernia surgeons and case managers to review.

"Hernia Cure for a Lifetime - we guarantee it!"*

  • Over 50,000 satisfied US patients – Many from Ohio
  • World’s most experienced hernia surgeons – for over 70 years we’ve dedicated our licensed Hospital to hernia repair – it’s all we do - over 380,000 cases to date from every state in the Union and from around the globe
  • Affordable rates – fees covered by many US insurance plans
  • Dedicated case managers experienced with maximizing insurance reimbursement, travel arrangements between all major centres in Ohio and Toronto and minimizing all the hassles with medical paperwork – you complete one simple Medical Questionnaire and we coordinate everything right up to your admission.
  • Proven all natural tissue technique - 98% cases done without mesh and its related complications - the lowest recurrence and complication rates in the world
  • Our unique patient-centred post operative care program, dedicated to ensuring a rapid and confident return to a normal lifestyle, is not available anywhere else in Ohio

* If your hernia comes back, pending medical eligibility... we’ll fix it at no charge to you for the surgery

If You Have a Hernia, Contact Us 1.855.328.3423