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Our Patient Care

Shouldice Hospital is world-famous for delivering the highest level of patient care. We understand the importance of excellent care to a healthy recovery, which is why superior quality is at the heart of all Shouldice healthcare services.

I would recommend this amazing hospital to anyone considering a hernia surgery. I met some great people, had some good laughs (even though it hurt to laugh!!). It was like a resort for recovery. The grounds are beautiful and the doctors and nurses are professional and very good at what they do.

Michelle Ottawa


A unique program of care and recovery

Shouldice Patient Care

When you come to Shouldice, you can expect to have a positive and pleasant experience. We never rush you through surgery and send you home the same day ; that‘s very stressful for both patients and their families. Instead, you‘ll stay as our guest for a few days, while you participate in a holistic, professionally supervised program of healing and recovery. We‘ve followed up with our patients for many decades and time has proven that the patient-focused, Shouldice approach is the key to a complete and successful recovery. Under carefully managed routines, most of our patients are back to normal activities in less than a week — and often back to work as soon as they are discharged.


A welcoming, supportive atmosphere

Shouldice patients have said again and again, how much they enjoy the Shouldice experience. When you come to our clinic for an examination, Shouldice staff will welcome you and arrange for a personal consultation with one of our experienced hernia surgeons. If hernia repair is right for you, we‘ll set a hospital admission date that is convenient for your schedule. If you need other services to help prepare for your surgery, such as diet counselling, we have expert dietitians on staff to offer the help and support you need.

Once you‘re admitted to the hospital, you‘ll meet the other patients who are there for hernia repairs. Some of the patients will already have been through the operation and will be happy to offer reassurance and support. We‘ve found that this peer-to-peer mentoring is important. The buddy system helps to reduce stress and anxiety and prepares you for a confident recovery.


A relaxing, resort-like setting

Shouldice Resort Ontario

A Shouldice repair is usually done under local anaesthetic, making it an exceptionally safe procedure with virtually no complications. You‘ll be able to walk out of the operating room and, by the next morning, you‘ll start a well-structured and supervised exercise routine. We have a full range of activities in addition to organized exercise, to make recovery enjoyable, including billiards, shuffleboard and a putting green.

There is a beautiful solarium for reading and relaxation and a cheerful common room, where patients often gather for a friendly game of cards. Unlike most hospitals, delicious meals are prepared fresh in our dining room daily, providing the healthy nutrition you need to promote healing. Relaxing views and an estate-like setting are an important part of the total Shouldice experience and help to stimulate the body‘s own natural abilities to heal. Here, you can leave your busy schedule behind and enjoy a restful and relaxing recovery — in fact, many people compare it to visiting a beautiful resort.

Keep up the phenomenal work — your facility is one of a kind. Food was good and nutritious — definitely a step above the normal hospital fare.

John — Chatham

Lifetime of care

A lifetime of care and support

Many lifelong friendships have been started at Shouldice, as patients take advantage of the slower pace to relax, unwind and get to know each other. Because everyone comes to Shouldice for the same reason — a hernia repair — patients share a common experience and enjoy comparing notes during their recovery. Over the years, we‘ve found that these relationships of mutual support have been very beneficial for our patients.

Most importantly, care and service do not stop once you leave Shouldice hospital. We provide a lifetime of support to all our patients through our annual follow-up program. We‘ll keep in touch every year and offer you an opportunity to have your hernia repair checked and monitored by our surgeons. Over 12,000 patients receive follow-up examinations at our hospital every year and we offer travelling clinics for patients who live farther away from Shouldice.

Since 1945, we‘ve kept detailed records about our patient follow-up. We maintain the world‘s most comprehensive database on hernia repair, with information on more than 300,000 patients, and we use this data to continuously improve our surgical techniques.

Total environment

A total environment

Shouldice Environment

We‘re proud to say that the Shouldice experience — a total environment of comprehensive, compassionate and supportive patient care — is the reason that we continue to be the world‘s leading centre of excellence in hernia repair.

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