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I've had four hernia operations. The last three were done at Shouldice Hospital including the re-doing of the first operation performed in the US. None of the three operations done at Shouldice Have ever given me a bit of trouble.

P.S. When my daughter, now 35, was a teenager in need of a hernia operation I took her to your hospital for surgery and she too has been trouble free.

Norman I. – Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

The staff was great! The doctors and nurses are all professional and the people you meet are all wonderful! If you ever get a hernia this is the place to go

Patricia – Brockville

I really enjoyed my time at Shouldice. It was like a ‘hernia holiday’

John – Taos, NM USA

I loved it at Shouldice!!! They were super nice and I had the best doctor. He took a super extra amount of time to give me the smallest scar possible.

Rebecca – Stratford

Everyone I talked to has raved about the place. Now I know why. The announcements, exercise time, orientation, breakfast, lunch and dinner – we patients knew exactly what was going to happen

Mary – Bracebridge

The food was excellent – on a par with top hotels

Mike – Boston

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Hospital stay improves recovery

Many medical facilities treat hernia repairs on an outpatient basis, sending the patient home shortly after surgery. At Shouldice, we expect our patients to stay for 3 days after their operation to participate in a specially designed patient recovery program.

When you stay at the hospital, skilled Shouldice nurses can respond quickly to any sign of post-surgical complications. We also make sure that you get the rest, nutrition and exercise you need for healthy healing. More importantly, we know that our unique patient mentoring system will help you enjoy a faster, more confident recovery, as you benefit from the support and understanding of other patients who share your experience. In fact, many of our patients enjoy their stay at Shouldice so much, they refer to it as a “hernia holiday!”

Did you know?

Shouldice pioneered the concept of early ambulation, which is now a standard procedure in modern medical care. Early ambulation means that patients are encouraged to get up and start moving around as soon as possible after surgery. Gentle exercise has been shown to promote recovery and reduce post-surgical complications.