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Why is My Weight Important?

We know that losing weight can be a difficult task, especially if your hernia is limiting your ability to exercise. However, managing your weight helps to get your body in shape so that you will get the best results from your operation. Achieving a reasonable weight contributes to the success of your hernia repair.

I had been procrastinating on doing anything about my excess weight but when the Shouldice surgeon told me to lose weight before my surgery, I was forced to face the problem. As a result, I ate a healthier diet and exercised more frequently. Not only was the surgery a success, but I‘ve maintained a healthier lifestyle and the change has positively affected me in many ways.

John St. Catharines

When you are overweight, fat builds up over your abdominal wall, making it more difficult for the surgeon to reach and repair the hernia. Fat can also collect in your muscles. Abdominal fat is very soft, like pudding or Jell-O, and has no strength. As the fat collects, it weakens your abdominal muscles, making your hernia repair less secure and increasing your chances of complications. The Shouldice Diet will help to prepare and improve your muscle tissue to ensure the best possible condition for a successful repair.

An important lifestyle change

We have decades of evidence to prove that you will be more satisfied with the results of your hernia repair if you achieve your weight loss goals. By following our special diet, you can improve your muscle quality and reduce your risk of complications.

Hernia Dietitian

We have a registered dietitian on staff who is very experienced in helping people get ready for their hernia operations. She can help you make healthy choices and will follow up with you by phone to encourage you and monitor your progress.

Many of our patients have benefited so much from our weight loss program that they have made a long-term commitment to maintaining a healthier weight. Getting your body in shape for your hernia repair may be just the motivation you need to change your lifestyle for the better. We know you can do it, and we‘re always there to help if you need it!

Why is My Weight Important?