Our 99% lifetime success rate for repairing primary inguinal hernias sets the gold standard.


Shouldice is the only hospital in the world exclusively designed and equipped to deliver ”The Shouldice Experience.“ From our estate-like setting to our dedicated staff and attentive patient care, everything at Shouldice has been carefully planned for your comfort and convenience.  People travel to Shouldice from every corner of the globe because they know they can trust us with their hernia repair. We offer a complete and holistic recovery program that promotes healing and encourages a rapid return to normal activities.

Dr. Edward Earle Shouldice and the original Shouldice Clinic
two women walking the grounds at Shouldice Hernia Hospital
Shouldice Surgeons


Shouldice Hospital is a great place to work. We are committed to recruiting and retaining the most talented people and are focussed on creating a workplace where people enjoy the challenge of their career, create and engage in best practices, and are treated with respect.

Our current career opportunities are outlined below.


Our Mission
To deliver the world’s best surgical outcomes and patient experience in hernia treatment.

Our Vision
To continue to be the patient’s “provider of choice” in hernia treatment and be a global leader in hernia education and research.

Our Core Values
With an unwavering focus on our patients and commitment to our staff, the following values form the foundation of Shouldice Hospital’s operating culture.

We will exceed the expectations of our patients by delivering the best surgical outcome and highest quality patient experience.

We will adhere to the highest moral principles and standards of professionalism and ethics through our commitment to deal with patients and their families at all times with respect, honesty, confidentiality, transparency and trust.

We will deliver world-class care to our patients by providing a supportive, sensitive and empathetic environment at all times.


Service Accountability Agreements

PH - SAA extension to March 31, 2025

PH - SAA extension to March 31, 2024

PH - SAA extension to September 30, 2023

PH - SAA extension to June 30, 2023

PH - SAA extension to March 31, 2023

PH - SAA extension to March 31, 2022

PH - SAA extension to March 31, 2021

PH - SAA Amending Agreement to June 30, 2020

PH - SAA Amending Agreement to March 31, 2020

Shouldice Hospital is committed to supporting our health-care system by being accountable and transparent to its stakeholders. The following information is available in accordance with the applicable provisions of the "Broader Public Sector Accountability Act, 2010 ("Act").

Expense Reporting

We are required to post on our website the expenses of the President and members of the executive leadership team that report directly to the President.

Expenses for the following designated individuals are updated and posted twice a year, 60 days after the end of each reporting period.

Cameron Shouldice, President

John Hughes, Managing Director

We are required to post on our website attestation to our compliance with consultant reporting requirements, the prohibition of engaging lobbyist services using public funds, and Directives issued under the Act relating to expense claims.

Our annual attestation can be viewed here.


    7750 Bayview Avenue,
    Thornhill, Ontario,
    Canada L3T 4A3
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    Tel: 905-889-1125
    Fax: 905-889-4216
    Canada: 1-800-291-7750
    U.S./International: 1-855-328-3423


    Shouldice Hospital is committed to excellence in serving all patients including people with disabilities.
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