Am I At Risk For A Groin Hernia?

Anyone can develop a hernia – it does not matter whether you are male or female, young or old, physically active or inactive. But you may be at higher risk if you:

  • Are male – men have a natural weakness in the groin area that increases their hernia risk;
  • Are over age 35 – as we age, our tissues naturally become weaker;
  • Are born with a hereditary condition which causes poor muscles, ligaments or connective tissues;
  • Have close family relatives with hernias – weakness in tissues may run in families;
  • Lift heavier objects – this may reveal or aggravate existing tissue weaknesses;
  • Are overweight or obese – carrying extra weight may stretch or weaken your abdominal wall, particularly at previous incision sites;
  • Have a heavy or chronic cough – the force of a cough or sneeze can tear weakened muscles and connective tissue;
  • Are frequently constipated – straining to have a bowel movement puts pressure on the muscles and connective tissue in your abdomen;
  • Have a sports injury or accident that tears the muscles or connective tissue in your abdomen; or
  • Are a smoker – smoking adversely affects the body’s ability to produce good collagen which helps promote healthy cell creation and growth of connective tissue.