Do I Need Surgery To Repair My Hernia?

Hernias will not get better by themselves. If you have a hernia, you will probably need an operation to repair the weak spot in your abdominal wall at some point. A hernia that is not repaired can get bigger, and may lead to more serious health problems. In fact, 70 to 80% of patients that have been diagnosed with a hernia have surgery within 6 years due to the ongoing risk of complications and discomfort. This is particularly true for femoral hernias, which have a much higher risk of developing complications – surgery is recommended for all femoral hernias as soon as possible.

In some cases however, a hernia may be diagnosed but that does not mean it has to be repaired right away. For example, an ultrasound may identify a hernia at a very early stage, when it is still quite small. Your doctor may suggest a period of “watchful waiting” to see how the hernia develops. If it stays small and does not interfere with your health or quality of life, an operation may not be necessary. An experienced hernia surgeon will be able to make an accurate diagnosis, and recommend a treatment plan, in this type of situation.